Looking for a special gift for the kids in your life?....

"You are 1 step away from grabbing wonderful
FREE activity pages for that child in your life AND 1 step
away from being ‘in the loop’ for a beautiful
and entertaining CHILDREN'S BOOK.”


Once inside you'll get:

  • FREE, beautiful COLORING ACTIVITIES that are printable and entertaining.

  • A FREE and easy "Do it yourself and impress the kids" sketch TUTORIAL of a little doggy.

  • FREE notification concerning the big launch of the childrens' book campaign!
    Get FREE "hear it first" access so that you can be the first to get a copy of the book when it's done!.

And this is JUST THE BEGINNING! Being part of something like the creation of a book is half the fun!! You can get all the offers right now by "plugging in". Just fill out the short, easy form on the right to get started. ALSO when we launch the Kickstarter campaign to create the book I will OFFER MORE rewards for participation!

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